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Perform makes perfect-and is helping deepen your knowing of calculus 1001 Calculus perform difficulties For Dummies takes you past the guideline and tips provided in Calculus For Dummies, supplying you with 1001 possibilities to perform fixing difficulties from the main subject matters on your calculus path. Plus, a web part provide you with a suite of calculus difficulties provided in multiple-choice structure to additional assist you attempt your abilities as you pass. supplies an opportunity to perform and toughen the abilities you examine on your calculus path is helping you refine your realizing of calculus perform issues of resolution factors that aspect each step of each challenge The perform difficulties in 1001 Calculus perform difficulties For Dummies diversity in problem areas and elegance, supplying you with the perform assist you have to ranking excessive at examination time.

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Using Implicit Differentiation to Find a Second Derivative 414–417 Use implicit differentiation to find . 414. 8 x2 + y2 = 8 415. x5 + y5 = 1 416. x3 + y3 = 5 417. Finding Equations of Tangent Lines Using Implicit Differentiation 418–422 Find the equation of the tangent line at the indicated point. 418. x2 + xy + y2 = 3 at (1, 1) 419. at (2, 1) 420. x2 + 2xy + y2 = 1 at (0, 1) 421. cos(xy) + x2 = sin y at 422. y2(y2 – 1) = x2 tan y at (0, 1) Chapter 8 Applications of Derivatives What good are derivatives if you can't do anything useful with them?

Chapter 2 Trigonometry Review In addition to having a strong algebra background, you need a strong trigonometry skill set for calculus. You want to know the graphs of the trigonometric functions and to be able to evaluate trigonometric functions quickly. Many calculus problems require one or more trigonometric identities, so make sure you have more than a few of them memorized or at least can derive them quickly. The Problems You'll Work On In this chapter, you solve a variety of fundamental trigonometric problems that cover topics such as the following: Understanding the trigonometric functions in relation to right triangles Finding degree and radian measure Finding angles on the unit circle Proving identities Finding the amplitude, period, and phase shift of a periodic function Working with inverse trigonometric functions Solving trigonometric equations with and without using inverses What to Watch Out For Remember the following when working on the trigonometry review questions: Being able to evaluate the trigonometric functions at common angles is very important since they appear often in problems.

Recall that a maximum or minimum value occurs where the derivative is equal to zero, where the derivative is undefined, or at an endpoint (if the function is defined on a closed interval). Give an exact answer, unless otherwise stated. 498. Find two numbers whose difference is 50 and whose product is a minimum. 499. Find two positive numbers whose product is 400 and whose sum is a minimum. 500. Find the dimensions of a rectangle that has a perimeter of 60 meters and whose area is as large as possible.

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