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25 ϩ (Ϫ36) 26. Ϫ34 ϩ (Ϫ49) 27. 54 ϩ (Ϫ72) 28. 48 ϩ (Ϫ76) 29. Ϫ34 ϩ (Ϫ58) 30. Ϫ27 ϩ (Ϫ36) For Problems 31– 50, subtract as indicated. (Objective 2) 31. 3 Ϫ 8 32. 5 Ϫ 11 33. Ϫ4 Ϫ 9 34. Ϫ7 Ϫ 8 35. 5 Ϫ (Ϫ7) 36. 9 Ϫ (Ϫ4) 37. Ϫ6 Ϫ (Ϫ12) 38. Ϫ7 Ϫ (Ϫ15) 39. Ϫ11 Ϫ (Ϫ10) 40. Ϫ14 Ϫ (Ϫ19) 41. Ϫ18 Ϫ 27 The horizontal format is used extensively in algebra, but occasionally the vertical format shows up. Some exposure to the vertical format is therefore needed. Find the following sums for Problems 67–78. (Objective 2) 67.

70) Ϭ 5 73. Ϫ4ab Ϫ b for a ϭ 2 and b ϭ Ϫ14 39. (Ϫ36) (27) 40. (42)(Ϫ29) 74. Ϫ5ab ϩ b for a ϭ Ϫ1 and b ϭ Ϫ13 For Problems 41– 60, simplify each numerical expression. (Objective 2) 41. 3(Ϫ4) ϩ 5(Ϫ7) 42. 6(Ϫ3) ϩ 5(Ϫ9) 43. 7(Ϫ2) Ϫ 4(Ϫ8) 44. 9(Ϫ3) Ϫ 8(Ϫ6) 66. Ϫ5x Ϫ 12y for x ϭ Ϫ5 and y ϭ Ϫ7 69. 3(2a Ϫ 5b) for a ϭ Ϫ1 and b ϭ Ϫ5 70. 4(3a Ϫ 7b) for a ϭ Ϫ2 and b ϭ Ϫ4 75. (ab ϩ c)(b Ϫ c) for a ϭ Ϫ2, b ϭ Ϫ3, and c ϭ 4 76. (ab Ϫ c)(a ϩ c) for a ϭ Ϫ3, b ϭ 2, and c ϭ 5 For Problems 77–82, find the value of the given values for F.

As a running back in a football game, Marquette carried the ball 7 times. On two plays he gained 6 yards on each 38 Chapter 1 • Some Basic Concepts of Arithmetic and Algebra play; on another play he lost 4 yards; on the next three plays he gained 8 yards per play; and on the last play he lost 1 yard. Write a numerical expression that gives Marquette’s overall yardage for the game, and simplify that expression. 42. Shelley started the month with $3278 in her checking account. During the month she deposited $175 each week for 4 weeks but had debit charges of $50, $189, $160, $20, and $115.

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