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It was designated as a camp for prisoners of war . The number of Russian prisoners in the first few months exceeded all expectations . The sheltering of the prisoners required a good deal of work. Existing buildings were soon overcrowded so that improvised shelter had to be prepared in great haste . One morning the camp commandant in Czersk at the Tuchel heath complained to me that the day before he had been advised that Czersk was designated as a prison camp and that the day after he had received 2000 prisoners .

Then it seems that the power of infection of the germs undergoes fluctuation, increasing and decreasing in the course of epidemics . In addition certain influences have been recognized in the Twort-Herelle phenomenon, of which it is not yet certain whether one has to deal with ferments or germs, but they grow both in the body and in cultures of germs at the same time as the bacteria, which they destroy. To this must be added an important method of combating the disease . Based on the discovery of the immunity afforded by certain diseases after they have run their courses, attempts have been made to attain artificial immunity through the injection of killed germs, according to the example given by R .

The field hospitals, compelled to accompany their troops, could be improvised only for short periods, and even the hospital formations of the rear were forced to seek shelter in manors, castles or wherever there was space . Now it was revealed who of the medical officers possessed practical versatility . The medical officers with troops (regimental and battalion surgeons) as a rule managed things easily, as did the country physicians who themselves had the responsibility of administration, and even among physicians hailing from cities, nay even among specialists there were not a few who created veritable models of institutions with the simplest and crudest means .

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