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17) Combining (16) and (17) gives the PDE 1 V˙ + r X Vx + σ 2 X 2 Vxx = r · V 2 (Black-Scholes PDE). (18) This PDE holds for any derivative of the form F (XT ). A simple example is a forward contract on XT fixed at time t = 0 at price K. It is easy to check that F (t) = Xt − K e−r(T −t) = V (Xt , t) is the (unique) solution of (18) under the boundary constraint F (T ) = V (XT , T ) = XT − K. 6 Stopping Times and Local Martingales In the previous sections we have concentrated on real-valued functions and shown how Itˆ o’s calculus comes into play for functions of unbounded variations.

3) dSt = µ(t) dt + σ(t) dBt St The above SDE defines a diffusion or Itˆ o process. It is the standard model used in finance for the returns of a security price process St with infinitesimal drift µ(t)dt and stochastic noise σ(t)dBt , where σ(t) is called the volatility of St . We show that the SDE has the solution t St = S0 exp t 1 µ(s) − σ 2 (s) ds + 2 0 σ(s) dBs . (13) 0 Proof. We give a proof using Itˆ o’s product formula. The process (13) can be written as t µ(s) ds · E(Mt ) = Yt · Zt St = S0 exp 0 t with Mt = t σ(s) dBs and M t σ 2 (s) ds.

Using only elementary facts of independent normally distributed random variables, it leads to the Dol´eans-Dade exponential as new density under a change of measure for the Brownian motion. Sect. 2 deals with the Girsanov transformation in general form, as can be found in Revuz-Yor (1991). The proofs are straightforward applications of tools developed in Chap. 2. This section, which at first sight looks rather abstract, is basic for the applications to finance in Chapters 4 and 5, where the general Girsanov transformation is repeatedly used.

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