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In general, this method is limited to a pile embedment to diameter ratio of less than 30. Bending wave (BW) tests were also tried at four pier bent locations. BW tests rely on reflections of BWs from changes in impedance such as that at the toe of the concrete piles. Reflections could not be identified in any of the BW tests and were therefore inconclusive. Borg (2000) also used the borehole PS method. 5 m) to some depth (at least 3 m) below the anticipated pile toe. A hydrophone is lowered to the bottom of the casing and raised incrementally after the pile is struck with a handheld hammer.

If a scour pocket occurs, it will reduce the stability of the pier. The tilt sensors will detect any slight change in the angle of the pier. This approach requires highly sensitive and continuous monitoring. The bridge is a 1992-ft-long reinforced concrete box design with 19 piers and 3 hinges. 30). The streambed consists primarily of loose stones, and its profile changes constantly with water flow. The streambed near the bridge is also subject to commercial aggregate mining. Eighteen piers over the entire length of the bridge were instrumented.

5 m. The pile toe was clearly indicated in most of the PS results. Of the 20 bents tested, PS results were inconclusive for only three bents due to the dominant waves traveling through the steel. 6 Time Domain Reflectometry TDR application to scour detection was described by Dowding and O’Connor (2000). The system consists of a metallic coaxial cable placed in a drill hole and anchored to the walls by tremie placement of an expansive cement grout. When movements taking place in the rock or soil are sufficient to fracture the grout, cable deformation occurs.

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