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By Mairet Philippe

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First released in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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In treating these cases I have never had a suicide, the disaster which so commonly occurs, and I believe this is due to the fact that this indirect treatment reduces the acute tension. But all those who are in the patient's environment must be made to understand that they cannot scold, force, or criticise, but must assist the patient into a more favourable situation. 1vlelancholia is an illness in which the people in the environment suffer more than the patient, and there are moments when the relatives can no longer endure the strain.

It would very soon enable you to sleep and would chase away all your sad thoughts. " I receive various replies to my suggestion, but every patient thinks it is too difficult to act upon. If the answer is, How can I give pleasure to others when I have none myself? " The more transparent response, Who gives me pleasure? " Melancholy subjects who reply, " Oh, that is quite easy; it is what I have always done," are to be suspected of dispensing favours in order to get the upper hand of others. " The next day such a patient quite probably replies,: I slept all night," when asked for his midnight reflections, even though he had not previously slept for many days!

But it is only very gradually that I can bring her to face the truth about what she is doing. CI At the same time this patient developed a guilt complexwhich often happens in such a situation. She remembered that she had deceived her husband with another man some twenty-five years before, during all which time this event had played no further part in her life, but all at once she told her husband and accused herself. This so-called guilt-complex, which we should wholly misunderstand by ·the Freudian interpretation, was quite clearly an attack upon the husband who was no longer ob~dient.

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