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Development at the easy ideas via a cautious dialogue of covalence, (while adhering resolutely to sequences the place possible), the most a part of the publication issues the important subject matters of continuity, differentiation and integration of actual capabilities. all through, the ancient context within which the topic was once constructed is highlighted and specific recognition is paid to displaying how precision permits us to refine our geometric instinct. The purpose is to stimulate the reader to mirror at the underlying innovations and ideas.

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2. 3 Alternati ng series Much more care is needed when we deal with series whose terms are not necessarily positive: for example, is there a difference in the behaviour of 111 1+"2+)++;;+00. and 1 1 1 n-l 1 1-"2+)-4+···+(-1) ;;+oo.? The former series diverges, but might there be 'enough cancellation' between the terms of the latter to allow it to converge? Also: in the former case it seems plausible that the order in which we add terms together should not matter. _~-~) 5 10 which we cap apparently write as 12 + ...

E. x 2 - x-I = 0, so that x = 1+20 (since x > 0). This number is known as the golden section, and we will meet it again as the limit of ratios of successive Fibonacci numbers. ) Consider the sequence given by Xo = a + 1, Xn+l = x n (1 + ak-~n)X for a n fixed a > 0 and fixed kEN. Then: x; > 0, Xn+l < X n and ~ > a. To see this, we again use induction. All three claims are true with n = 0, and we assume them for some fixed n. Now since X n > 0, a < ~ means that Xn+l < X n; however Xn+l remains positive, since kx~ + a - x~ > 0 for all k ~ 1; and finally we can use the (which is greater than -1 because Bernoulli inequality with x = ak-X; Xn kx~ + a - x~ > 0) to conclude that k k x n+!

732, ... ;3 does not belong to Q. ;3 as the limit of the approximating sequence: our definition of the limit of a real sequence (Definition 1 in Chapter 2) presupposes that we can find this limit within the number system in which we work. It is to plug these gaps in the 'number line' that we have to go beyond the set Q for our number system, to define the set ~ of real numbers. We shall not give a full 20 Ana/ysis definition or construction of ~ (see [N SS], Chapter 5); we shall take knowledge of the algebraic and order structure of ~ for granted.

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