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2 T T Tab Tn (x) T Tr finite Hilbert transform operator; chap. 11, Eq. 2 finite Hilbert transform operator on the interval (a, b); Eq. 4, Eq. 1, HT-01 unit step sequence; Eq. 91) V V w(x) W (x) wi W p,m total variation of a function; Eq. 4 weight points in a quadrature scheme; Eq. 11 sampling points in a quadrature scheme; Eq. 6. 9 Z transform (one-sided or two-sided); Eqs. 8, HT-01 spherical Bessel function of the second kind; Eq. 116) z z¯ z∗ zI Z Z+ Z{xn } complex variable, z = x + iy ; Eq. 67) complex conjugate of z complex conjugate of z inverse point (or image point) of z; Eq.

7 The Fourier integral Combining Eqs. 59) has been used. If the substitution nπ/L = tn is employed, and δt = tn+1 − tn , then f (x) = 1 2L L −L f (s)ds + 1 π ∞ L n=1 −L f (s) cos[tn (s − x)]ds δt. 60) If f is integrable on R, then in the limit as L → ∞ the first term on the right-hand side of Eq. 60) vanishes, and the sum in Eq. 8 Basic results from complex variable theory 23 which can be rewritten as follows: ∞ 1 2π f (x) = −∞ ∞ dt −∞ f (s)eit(s−x) ds. 62) Both of the preceding two results are referred to as the Fourier integral formula.

For a delightful account of the life and times of David Hilbert, intended for a general audience, see Reid (1996). 1 For further reading on integral equations, consult Gakhov (1966), Hochstadt (1973), Tricomi (1985), Mikhlin and Prössdorf (1986), Pipkin (1991), Muskhelishvili (1992), and Kress (1999). Good sources on integral transforms with an applied emphasis include Sneddon (1972) and Davies (1978). The books by Zayed (1996) and Debnath and Bhatta (2007), and the individual accounts in Poularikas (1996a), are highly recommended reading.

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