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By Pierre Mazet

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A . If a be a regular sequence of Ass A/Ia has a n embedded ideal then there exists a n ideal Q strictly contained in is also associated to . However since proposition 2 . 1 5 are n-closed. ht P = A/Ia asserts that Now since A gr P . M. n ring we conclude that ht Q which contradicts the strict inclusion of Q in P. T h e c o n d i t i o n i b b u d d i c i e n t . Let A = P Theorem 2 . M. RINGS such that since p P - grP 4 n P and 35 is associated to A/Ia . Then is not an embedded ideal it is minimal among the prime ideals containing Ia ht P 6 p Proposition 3 .

Z 9,(x) . qn(x) a F' E a Since homogeneous polynomial of degree x F to be , n , a relation 9n the is, like 9n is q . G-analytic U and a derivative a t 9(a+tx). 0 of t- a+Ex = . c U 9 ( a + tx) t - For t E 9(a) . D = 6(0)) show that . As F - 6(t') x , (c , € E, A,@(a) centred a t as the , 0 What w e must show is that D such we set 6 admits (in which case we set is assumed to be complete it suffices - 6 is uniformly continuous o n it suffices to show that 5(tl in 6 - {O} - a continuous extension to Ax9(a) € - Let us choose a closed disk that in F', CI We shall prove that under this hypo- thesis, we c a n define, for to a G-analyticity of T h e c u n d i t i o n i b h u d 6 i c i e n t .

Quotient. Proposition Let A b s a ring a n d If A is a q ~ ~ t i e n tA/Ia is W e bllppobt t h a t i6 morphism A + A / I a . a s an A-module ; if annihilator o f x (resp. p-Noetherian A in of length n . M. Iresp. ) P . M. I ( n + p)-Noethekian. Every A/Ia-module M may be considered x E M we can therefore define a n Alla and an annihilator of x in A this latter being evidently the inverse image of the first by , Ip. M. RINGS Proposition 1 . 9 37 now proves that the grade of the second is . equal to the grade of the first augmented by n from this that the p-torsion elements of the A/Ia-module are the ( n + p)-torsion elements of the that the p-closed submodules of the ( n + p)-closed submodules of the p-Noetherian is an M .

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